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ATTENTION: I will NEVER update this site again, unless i have a reason ... I'm keeping this site here as a past layout ... if you are looking for the recent site then go to http://zimixz389z.tripod.com ... Please visit and stay a while, also, please update your links/bookmarks ... If YoU HaVe AnY, lol ^_^

Everyone else has a site these days, so , why not me, too? Well ... to tell the truth I have way too many sites to handle! :-) LOLZ!

This is just my MAIN site! I couldn't get a Blog but I'll make an online Journal for me here (Don't worry! LOL). This is also my MAINsite! I use MAIN cause I have too many more! LOLZ!

There's lotsa links to most of my other sites on here, I also have some cool pics posted around the site!
I'll update this site frequently (Hopefully), so make sure to check back. Enjoy!

This is the Triforce!!!


04/23/03 - Site registered and made!
04/24/03 - Site edited and put onto the Internet!
04/25/03 - I added a callout, wrote in my online journal, and lengthened the About Me section, LOL!
04/26/03 - I added a Dream and Day Dream section, and I wrote in my Online Journal!
04/27/03 - I wrote in my OJ (Online Journal) and added a dream and day dream!
04/28/03 - I wrote in my OJ and added a dream!
04/29/03 - I wrote in my OJ!
04/30/03 - I worte in my OJ!!!
05/01/03 - HAPPY MAY! Well, I wrote in my OJ!
05/02/03 - Wrote in OJ ... again.
05/03/03 - I wrote in OJ and added a dream!
05/04/03 - Wrote in OJ and added another dream!
05/05/03 - Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! I wrote in OJ, reorganized my OJ, and added a Futurama page!!!
05/06/03 - I wrote in my OJ (added "remember when" and "commercial" sections to entries) and added to the futurama page!
05/07/03 - Wrote in my OJ.
5/08/03 - Ion wroteon inon myon OJon!
05/09/03 - Guess¿ Yup, OJ again!
05/10/03 - I subtracted the custom cursor on the home page and added a new custom one! Also ... OJ.
05/11/03 - OJ? Can do!
05/12/03 - Spent time on an OJ entry.
05/13/03 - Typed in the May 2003 OJ section.
05/14/03 - Um, lemme think, oh yeah, OJ.
05/15/03 - OJOJOJOJOJOJOJOJOJOJOJOJ, k, only really once!
05/16/03 - Added a lil 2 Futurama Page and OJ.
05/17/03 - Come on ... OJ!
05/18/03 - Wrote in my OJ.
05/19/03 - Added 2 OJ.
05/20/03 - OJ + entry...
05/21/03 - I wrote an OJ ... entry.
05/22/03 - I'm OJin ... lolo!
05/23/03 - I'm walkin on OJs!
05/24/03 - Ooopps, I farted on my OJ, lol, j/k!
05/25/03 - Writtenen inen myen OJen.
05/26/03 - OJ ...a...g...a...i...n...
05/27/03 - Do u wanna go 2 Mars? Oh yeah ... OJ.
05/28/03 - I wanna go 2 Mars! O...J...
05/29/03 - Wrote in my OJ.
05/30/03 - My OJ ... nnnoooo, it's getting wwwww...aaaaa...yyyyy ..... ttttt...ooooo...ooooo ..... lllll...ooooo...nnnnn...ggggg!
05/31/03 - Futuramas Back On! Yeah ... OJ.
06/01/03 - "The Sting" ON TODAY! OJ.
06/02/03 - Added in the OJ.
06/03/03 - (+) a new dream and an OJ, (-) nuthin
06/04/03 - OOOOO ..... ..... ..... JJJJJ
06/05/03 - <OJ>Enter OJ here!</OJ>
06/06/03 - I'm a bit through my June OJ!
06/07/03 - Meet me in OJVILLE!
06/08/03 - "The Farnsworth Parabox" ON TODAY! Added a Dream & OJ.
06/09/03 - Wrote in OJ!
06/10/03 - Added new Futurama Page & OJ.
06/11/03 - New callout added, and I added my friends Journal to the links page, also OJ!
06/12/03 - Hopefully I can shorten my OJ entries!
06/13/03 - Have I written in my OJ in 2003, lol, j/k!
06/14/03 - Does SHREK have an OJ? Oh wait, I dun't think there is such thing as "Online" there.
06/15/03 - Does ne1 else have an OJ?
06/16/03 - Be sure to check out Omicron Persei! But, there iz no OJ on there!
06/17/03 - Dew u got OJ?
06/18/03 - CAMP OJ, officially open, lol, j/k!

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.