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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Ok ... it all started in a hospital in Indianapolis ... Ok, mabey I shouldn't go back that far.

Ok ... so I have lived in: Indiana, South Carolina, Virginia (Four different times!), Guam (Yeah, that little island), and Italy (the thing shaped like a boot, just incase your a little slow!). Well I don't remember living in Indiana, South Carolina, Virginia (The first time), or Guam ... I was too young. However I do remember living in Virginia (Three times!) and Italy. Right now I'm in Virginia and attending school, on days that aren't SNOW DAYS (Inside joke with everyone here!) Ok, Ok, Shut the [CENSORED] up! I know you want to know about Italy! I'm probably the only person you're gonna hear this from but Italy was ... eeerrr ... o..k. [And the crowd freaks out!] Well yeah it was fun at first then after a while it feels like being on an island you can't get off of! Theres basicly one place to buy food (Besides the vending machines and the school!), one place to buy books, and one place to do your laundry (sad ... but true!)! Well those were just if you wanted to pay "$" if you wanted to pay Lira (They didn't have Euro when I was there.) then you could go anywhere. And you only had one place to do your laundry if you lived on or near "base." There were three main bases that my family and I went to. One started with an "A" and had lotsa stores, the other was "CAPO", and the last was the one with my old school on it. My school was ok, not the worst not the best ... but it had a DRUG + high school attached to it! Well atleast the drugs stayed over at the high school and didn't come over to the elementary school.  I had the best friends in Italy! I had one great friend already from Va. Beach (Second time I was in VA!). Then when I was in Italy I got a good friend Kevin and William. I acctually met William in the Hotel we lived in before we found houses to live in. Well I hate to say it, but William wasn't too good of a friend ...  Let me tell you a story ... one time Will came ove to my house we played games and stuff and then we went over to his house to spend the night. Well before we left my house I showed him this aesome eraser I got. It looked like a green lightsaber and it made clicking noises as it came out. So at night after we were all situated in our sleeping bags he took all of the stuff out of his pocket and put them under the rug that was there, he was doing this thing and it was making clicking noises. I kept saying, "What is that, WHAT DO YOU HAVE!?" And he just laughed and kept doing it. So after he had put the clicky thing under the rug and fell asleep I got out of my sleeping bag and went over to where the rug was, I lifted the corner and looked at his stuff. Ok, no big deal some paper, candy wrappers, coins, and ... MY ERASER!!! Right then I knew what was making the clicky sound and I knew that he was no one to trust! () And so I got it and put it in my back pack and went to sleep. The next morning I was up and he lifted the rug and was startled he was like, "Huh? Where is it!?" And I said, "Huh? Where is what? Come on ... tell me!" I was playin him jaut cause I knew what he was looking for!  Then he said, "Uumm, nothing, nevermind." AAhhh I almost cracked up laughing!!! OMG! It was soo funny!  Anyways, back to life in Italy and less about Will! Well school was cool, I got to switch between 6 different classes in 6th grade! In our elementary school 6th was the only grade that switches classes. And hey! Everyone who was savagely ripped of thier recess privliges after 5th grade ... I had recess in 6th grade!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I got recess an extra year!!! After Italy we moved back to "the states" to Virginia (Third time and for only one year!)! We were in Chesapeake and I went to Crestwood Middle School (C.M.S.) and our colors were: red, white, and blue! And now I'm at a school that I'm not going to name for privacy but here we are C.M.S. and we are red, white, and blue! My school here is way copying my old school! But anyways lets go back to my old school. I had great friends there! They are Britt (See more of her on the shoutouts page), KT, Hilly, Dezi, Heather, and kinda Ana. Well that year would have to be the funniest cause one day Britt got a Dr. Pepper out of the vending machine so it got a little shaken up. Then when we were going to lunch she dropped it so it got shaken up even more and when we got to lunch she went all the way through the line (It took half and hour!) And then we sat down and she opened her Dr. Pepper and it exploded ... all over me, her, and about 8 other people! She was told to go get some napkins and clean it up. When she was half way trough cleaning it up she got  a note that her mom was there and she had to go. LOL, she didn't even get to drink her Dr. Pepper ... LOLOLOLOL!!! (BTW: I HAVE OTHER THINGS ABOUT ME ~N~ BRITT BUT THEY'RE A LITTLE INNAPPROPRIATE SO I'LL HAVE TO TELL YOU LATER, E-MAIL ME AND I JUST MIGHT TELL YOU!) So know I'm here ... in Virginia ... for the fourth time ... and I live 45 mins away from my school!!!  LOL. Well I have great friends here too: Erin, Janie, and Dustin are my good friends, and the rest of the school, j/k 8th grade, j/k three fourths of the 8th grade are my just plain old friends. Well I guess this is where I leave of the About Me section ... Bye ..!

Imma HOTTIE!!! WooHoo!!!


Well ... I've been told this soo many times that I have to put it here! Not to brag --- too much!

Not very well known facts about me:
1.) I have lived in the USA, Europe, and Guam.
2.) I have eaten dinner in the restraunt at the top of the eiffel tower. I got chicken strips.
3.) My favorite soda is dnL. dnL is made by the 7up company. dnL is upside down 7up! dnL is not Lemon-Lime flavored!
4.) I have been to Rome, Italy around 10 timesˇ!ˇ Yeah, you saw it, ten times!

Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Show: Now the public doesn't need to know that!!!
Favorite Movies: The Nightmare Before Halloween, The 5th Element, The Frightners, Titanic!
Favorite Music: Breaking Benjamin
Favorite Book: Do I have one!? If I do it's Aritemis Fowl (considering it's been sitting on my bedside table for the past year!)
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Favorite Food: ... Margarita Pizza!!! (That's cheese BTW, unless you think I like Margaritas on my pizza!! LOL)
Me favorito videojuego es: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (I have beaten it!!!)

Favorite Quotes

Laughter is available by perscription only - Hal Sparks

Since when are impulses such a bad thing? - IKEA®

BASTARD - Dustin Walker