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Well here are my entries for May 2003.


Hey! Last night I opened my windows, blinds, and curtains again! I can sit in front of my window when it's open and look out of it for hours while I think. Yes, it;s true, I do think ... every once and a while. It was lightening last night far away, and I thought the rain was gonna come close so I meant to close my windows, but I forgot! But it didn't rain near us so it's ok.

Hey, I was IMing SmarterChild (it's an aim program thingy) and I eventually found this funny definition ...

SmarterChild: Definition provided by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Other important copyright information





Inflected forms: gay·er, gay·est 1. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. 2. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry. 3. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room. 4. Given to social pleasures. 5. Dissolute; licentious.


1. A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex. 2. A man whose sexual orientation is to men: an alliance of gays and lesbians.


Middle English gai, lighthearted, brightly colored, from Old French, possibly of Germanic origin.


Type "more" to see the rest of the definition for "gay."


Hey, yesterday at like 8:00PM I chatted with my cousin! YEAH! I haven't talked to him in forever!

Look what my nice convo. with Britt was when I came home!
zimixz389: hey
BrittaBratt414: hey
zimixz389: brb
BrittaBratt414: ok..lol
zimixz389: back
zimixz389: when the bus pulled up to our street the high school bus was pulled over and two police cars were there!!!
zimixz389: i dunno what happened though
BrittaBratt414: haha!
zimixz389: brb, im thursty
BrittaBratt414: ok
zimixz389: back
BrittaBratt414: ok
zimixz389: Brittaney è una ragazza calda.
zimixz389: lol
BrittaBratt414: what
zimixz389: dont ask ur mom to translate
zimixz389: lol
BrittaBratt414: tell me what it say
BrittaBratt414: s
zimixz389: Brittaney is a hot girl, lol
zimixz389: i was a lil bored
BrittaBratt414: omg awwww
zimixz389: lol
zimixz389: today alex and ryan got a bus referal, lol, they got one yesterday too
BrittaBratt414: who..lol
BrittaBratt414: i got o e today too
zimixz389: and its the beggining of the month
BrittaBratt414: one*
zimixz389: lol
zimixz389: u did?
zimixz389: for what?
BrittaBratt414: my bus driver accused me of stealing a fucking bus pass
BrittaBratt414: but i didnt
zimixz389: lol
zimixz389: we dont have bus passes
zimixz389: have you gotten an office referal before
zimixz389: ???
BrittaBratt414: no
BrittaBratt414: not at this skool
zimixz389: i meant ever
BrittaBratt414: yea
zimixz389: when, for what?
zimixz389: i got one in 6th grd for calling a gurl a BITCH!!! And im damn proud
BrittaBratt414: lol
zimixz389: what u get one for, it was one right?
BrittaBratt414: yea it was one..i didnt get anything..just a warning
BrittaBratt414: and a referral
zimixz389: "i didnt get anything..just a warning BrittaBratt414: and a referral"
zimixz389: lol
BrittaBratt414: lol
zimixz389: you didnt get anything but a warning and a referal
zimixz389: lol
BrittaBratt414: no the referral was a warning
BrittaBratt414: lol
BrittaBratt414: nvm
BrittaBratt414: u dont understand how my skool works.
zimixz389: oh
zimixz389: what was it for?
BrittaBratt414: what are you talking about..i'm lost..
zimixz389: the referal
BrittaBratt414: which one
zimixz389: what did you do to cause you to get one?
zimixz389: dm
BrittaBratt414: which time?!
zimixz389: dm = doesnt matter
BrittaBratt414: okay
zimixz389: the worst one
zimixz389: u gonna tell me?
zimixz389: or just sit there and not type?
BrittaBratt414: brb
zimixz389: k
BrittaBratt414: back
zimixz389: i finished my dnL,
BrittaBratt414: kool
BrittaBratt414: lol
BrittaBratt414: whats a dnl
zimixz389: i told u yesterday
zimixz389: upside down 7up
zimixz389: 7up flip it dnL
BrittaBratt414: ohh ok
zimixz389: what did u get it for?
zimixz389: the referal>
zimixz389: *?
BrittaBratt414: food fight
BrittaBratt414: and stuff
BrittaBratt414: dont worry abouyt it
zimixz389: lol
zimixz389: thats gay
BrittaBratt414: i know
zimixz389: no, i mean the cause for the referal is gay
BrittaBratt414: what the food fight?
zimixz389: yeah
BrittaBratt414: oh and calling someone a bitch is a "cool" reason for a referral
zimixz389: yeah
BrittaBratt414: you're such a stereotypical fucking retard
zimixz389: everyone wanted to call her a bitch
BrittaBratt414: i did not fuckign have a good day
zimixz389: lol
BrittaBratt414: so ill talk to you later
zimixz389: k
zimixz389: bye then bitch
zimixz389: lol
zimixz389: j/k
zimixz389: god i went around telling everyone how awesome you are today and then I come home and ur like "i fucking didn't have a fucking good day fuck u fucker!"
BrittaBratt414 signed off at 3:06:11 PM.
Now isn't that a nice convo.!!! God, I'm pissed off now!


Hey, today we left to go to my G'ma's and I think I left my candle on. Well that's all the updates I have for you today. LOL Not that exciting is it!?


I was sitting at the table minding my own business and my sister started throwing things and being all mad and shoving things and apparently she was mad ... duh! Well, I dunno why she was mad, but it was funny! Then when we were driving to go put things in storage for my G'ma my dad had stuff in the back of his truck and my mom had stuff in her car and we brought my G'ma's car cause we had too many ppl and stuff to fit in two cars. Then we were driving and a box flew out of my dad's truck! We (my G'ma, aunt, and I) stopped to pick up whatever fell out cause we were the third car in line, my dad was first and my mom was second. When we picked up the box we found out that it was my G'ma's Wedding Veil, LOL! It was soo funny I couldn't stop laughing! Then later after we were home my G'ma asked me to help her clean out the stuff from a closet and I was cleaning it out and I came accross these binoculars, god they were as big as my head, the biggest ones i've ever seen. Then after I did that she  brought me this black case and said if you want this you can have it cause I have no use for it. I opened it up and it was this awesome "AlphaSmart Pro" BTW, I'm writing this entry in it right now! What it is, is like a laptop, but it's just a word processor with a keyboard attached. Then after you have typed in the AlphaSmart Pro, you plug it into the computer and open the file on the computer, and save the file. Then I just copied and pasted the entry onto my site, so now it's on here! And when we were at Wendy's on the way home from my G'ma's (I didn't spill anything on me this time!) there was a bus of ... ummm ... high schoolers on a trip and they pulled into Wendy's right before we did, and I was standing outside the car wearing my "How to be a slacker, 1. Don't Work. 2. Borrow "$" from parents. 3. Join a garage band." shirt and all of the ppl were getting off of the bus and one dude walked by me and said, "Nice Shirt!" I totally ignored him, but didn't know it. LOL, how was I supposed to know that he was talking to me!? LOL On our way home I saw the smoke stacks that are near our housing addition, and so I was like, there should be a bridge around here somewhere! I looked around us for 360 degrees and I couldn't see it ... we were on it, LOL¡!¡ When we left to go to my G'ma's house I accidentally left my candle on! When I came home the candle was still burning and there was wax all over the table and in my carpet! It was also on my comforter and some wax leaked into the comforter and solidified in there! Oh, well, lol.


Happy Cinco de Mayo¡!¡ Well, nm happened today, lol, my spanish teach didn't even say anything like HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! I was shocked! All we did today was IOPs. Blah, I hate them. IOPs BTW are Indirect Object Pronouns ... at least I know that much! I had homework in almost every subject today. The only classes I didn't have homework in were computer applications and P.E., but we never have homework in those classes anyways. I wasn't tired at all when I got on the bus. I was wide awake, but then after about 15 mins I crashed! I was in dead sleep! I almost missed my bus stop. GOD! I would hate it if that happened. We have had two telemarketers call today and both of them asked for me and one was asking for a police donation thing and the other was telling ME that I have a pre-approved platinum credit card. LOL, i'm only 14 god woman! And also I went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal and my dad asked me if any of the dirty dishes were mine and I said no. Then when I picked up one that was mine he told me to put them all in cause I tried to lie. LOL I started laughing and said that I didn't try to lie, I just did lie. LOL¡!¡ Welps, g2g, bye¡!¡


Hey, nm happened today, but I did remember that Erin likes to call me "Mista B" and whenever she's near me she says "Do it in the Sand" cause of the shirt I wore yesterday. The shirt I wore was my "Do it on the sand, the american eagle's Groove Beach House. Full Service! Drinks ¤ Food ¤ Music ¤ Playa Jaco-Costa Rica." shirt. LOL.

Remember When:
Sagging was the "in" thing?

Squeeze the Skippy it's the Skippy of Squeeze.


NM happened today, well ... sum stuffz happened on the bus. LOL, LOL, LOL¡!0161 Yesterday Wes and Pattie were making fun of Dallas and Alex. No one in the whole fuckin world likes Dallas or Alex. :-) LOL Well they were asking everyone, "Do you think Dallas and Alex have tea parties together?" LOL, everyone was like, "Yes / Yea / Yeah" LOL I thought that Dallas and Alex weren't on the bus but then they got off at thier bus stop. LOL! Well then today Alex M. and Pattie were joking on Dallas and Alex. Alex M. and Alex are diff ppl BTW. Well Alex M. had come up with things to say and one was, "Oh, what is your real name!? Ira!" LOL, it was soo funnie! Alex M. had borrowed this fortune teller thingy from a guy on the bus and he was soing it to ppl and he did it to me and myne came out as, "Playa!" LOL! Well, Gianni also rode the bus today, BTW she doesn't ride our bus, she just had to go to her friend's (Marrgret I.) house. When she got off she was like, "Hey Brad, lol, same neighborhood!" Of course she didn't say lol, LOL! Well, other than that nm happened today. Oh yeah, when I was watching disney channel I thought the show was making this echoing sound, it ends up that the tv downstairs was on and it was making the echoing sound! LOL!
Remember When:
We had to worry about the Y2K virus? BTW I was in Rome for the 2000 countdown!!! WooHoo!!!
Daddy Day Care:
Look out for #1 and watch out for #2, Hey, how'd it go in there? I missed. Wha...


Hey, right now there is a "Tornado" in Richmond ... or at least thats what my mom says. BTW, Richmond is like ... um ... mabey 30 - 40 mins away from here¡!¡ LOL! Ive been in every type of natural disaster ... but not TORNADOES!!!

Remember When:
We didn't have to pick out our own clothes?


TORNADO WARNING WOOWOOWOO¡!¡ There's a tordano real close ... I think I hate Tornado Season!


Hey! My G'ma, G'pa, and Aunt came to visit today! Hey! we also went to see the Dance Recital that my sister is in! I only knew one person dancing in the whole recital, besides my sister. I knew Nadia, she danced in three dances. She danced in: You'll Be In My Heart (From tarzan), It's Gotta Be you, and Trickle Trickle! One girl: Amanda Cooper dances in 11 dances!!! And BTW shes the daughter of my dads assistant at work, I thought that was funny. Also I found out that Dance Recitals with "Dirrty" in them are AWESOME! In Dirrty they wore Girls: Black with white striped pants, hot pink top with mesh (black big holed) short sleeves, and mesh cuffs. BTW the shirt thad the writing "Diva" on it. Boy: (There was only one in that Dance) Black pants and mesh (black big holed) short sleeved shirt. They guy's clothes were wierd cause you couls see right through it! It was kinda kool at the same time though. I wouldn't mind wearing that shirt¡!¡ LOL!!!


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY¡!¡ NM is happnin today Ba sides I'm thinkin bout the recital last night! WooHoo¡!¡ I thought it was awesome¡!¡


Hey¡!¡ When I had lunch today I gave the lady $20 and she gave me $27.50  back as change, lol. Then I told her and I ended up with $17.50¡!¡ But anyways, I just keep thinking bout the recital and the clothes the guy was wearing in "Dirrty!" God! But also I had my first swim practice today. We had to do a land swim practice thing cause the water was too cold. :-P Oh yeah! Yesterday we went to Old Navy and I got some new clothes! WoW, I rarely get new clothes. I got 2 new boxers and a new shirt and a new 2003 fourth of July T-Shirt. Welps, g2g, bye!


Today nm happened, besides Andrew (Jose) borrowed $1.50 for lunch. He said he'll pay me back, but thats not very likely.


Hey! Andrew (Jose) payed me back $1.50 today! But the only thing was it was all in coins, well it gave me sumtang to do in 5th period¡!¡ Also today we were talking about our fav sayings that are at the bottom of the Futurama open skreen thing and we came up w/ a few that we remember: "Smell-o-vision users insert nostril tubes now" and "Touch eyes to screen for cheap eye surgery" LOL¡!¡ Good tymes ... good tymes ...


NM, happened today, well, Andrew (Jose), Ethan, and Adam weren't in my 5th per. class (Soc. Stu.) today. Andrew (Jose) and Adam were away on a bowling feild trip, and Ethan was just not there, no one likes Ethan, mabey he died of unpopularity and so he couldn't come to school, well, whatever the case, he wasn't there today. Welps, g2g, bye!


Hey! I went bowling today! WooHoo! Some how bowling is educational ... i guess because it was a P.E. feild trip! LOL! In my group there was, me, Nick, Adrian, and Davang (I dunno how to spell it!) We played 4 games, Davang won the first 1, I won the next 2, and Nick won the last one ... poor Adrian, I guess short ppl don't hit it big as often, oh well, too bad for him! Hahaha. We kept changing the tem name, it was, DNAB, GUTTER BALLS, GUTTER BALLERS, ZIMIXZ, ZIMIXZ389, PERRA, CONAZO, TUESUNCONAZO. There was prolly moore but thats all I remember for now! LOL, welps, bye, C ya!


Today I helped tear down part of our old deck, and started to build part of our new and improved (larger) deck! Well, I luved tearing the old deck down, WooHoo, "Destroy, Destroy!" Zimixz389 says with bloody red glowing eyes! Well, it was funn, it would have been funner if I could have just hit it with the hammer instead of putting wood inbetween to "protect" the wood from the deck i'm tearing down so we can use it l8er! Oh, well, bye!


Hey! Today I opened my new site! It's for if you make websites or are making a website or have an Online Journal (Blog) thing. The site is ZimAdopt! Go chech it out, even if you don't have an Online Journal (Blog) or make websites, it's a cool site just to see. I also way edited my Neopets site too, I haven't been on Neopets for liek forever and now all of the sudden i'm editing my Neosite at Zimixz389! Welps, g2g, bye!


Hey, nm happened today, well when I was walking to the bus stop this morning I saw a bird fly out of a mailbox and there was chirpping in the mailbox! There was a bird nest in there if you're slow. Then at lunch Andrew (Jose) borrowed $2.10! And when I came home I looked in the bird nest in our tree and the eggs had hatched!!! Then the damn mommy bird came swooping down and screamed at me, I almost fell over and I definatly jumped out of my skin! Welps, g2g, bye!


Hey! Andrew (Jose) borrowed another $1 from me today! well, i dunno what else has happened besides nm ... um oh yeah, I was overloaded with homework, just like yesterday! And today I didn't go to swim practice cause imma sick. :'( Well that's about all that happened!


The day started off with a runny nose w/ snot and druel all over my pillow! God, bein sick sux! And then I went to school. NM happened in 1st per., I continued to work on my two-page linked website made in HTML about Nintendo History! Then nothing happened in 2nd per., well we took prac. SOLs, Schedule: 05/27/03 - Espanol Examen, 05/28/03 - Reading SOL, 05/29/03 - Math 8 SOL but I'm in Algebra and I already took the Algebra SOL so I don't need to come to school until 11:00AM!!! WooHoo, anyways, 05/30/03 - Science SOL. We took our writing SOL a couple months ago, BTW I scored a 411 on the writing SOL, 399 and below is failing, 400 and above is passing, and 500 and above is advanced, and 600 is perfect score. Ok, then in 3rd per. we learned that Damian N. was looking at bad things on the computer at school (He did it in 1st per. (I'm in his 1st per. class) a while ago) and so today he wasn't in class cause he got ISD, hahahaha. I've neva gotten ISD, the worst I got was a referal. Anyways, in 4th per. nm happened but we got LOADED w/ HW! And in 5th per. we switched around seats for the seating chart and I'm sitting next to Erin and in front of Nichole, the seats are arranged at a wierd angle. And I remembered today that T.J. likes me (T.J. are initials for a girl, no, I don't THINK any guys like me cause that's just wrong, ugh, does anyone remember Eric from C.M.S. (Crestwood Middle School)¿?¿ Ugh that was soo nastie!!!) and she kinda reminds me of B.S. (Britny S.) but hold on ... no, Gianni here reminds me of B.S., NVM, oh well, in 6th per. I had P.E. we played soft-ball against Mr. Coleman's Class (Mr. Coleman cheats!)! Then in 7th per. we did crap w/ positive (+) and negative (-) words. Then when I got out of school at 2:00PM I had an Ortho app. :'( but it wasn't that bad, they only took out somtang and like put a rubber band thingy in, so only one part of my mouth hurts, but in 8 weeks when I have another app, they gonna HURT! Well also, I got accepted to the over-the-summer program thingy at U of R (University of Richmond)! and when I got home I did nuthin but do HW until 10:30PM (I got home around 5:30PM soo that's lotta HW!)! BTW Rubin won ... um ... ok ... well ... im not really ... a Rubin fan ... I wanted Josh to win (That's his name right!?) cause he's like military and stuffz I think that is soo awesome! Ok ... so I watched TV at the same tyme I did my HW, but oh well! Well, that's all I gotsta say, bye!


Hey! Um, today, nm happened, well in 5th per. (Soc. Stu.) we were learning about some stoopid how to pass an amendment/law thing (like i'm ever gonna propose a new amendmet/law!) and so I was drawing dots on my book sock cause I was bored and Mr. Sieler (however u spell it, if I spelled it wrong ... Yipee!) called my name and asked what I was dooin and I was like huh? And then I said um, drawing dots on this, and michael said where were u putin dippin dots? And Mr. Sieler said could we do sumtang related to this? and so, i drew dots on my ... Soc. Stu. NOTES¡!¡ Then when i got off the bus i accidentaly kicked a sprinkler!! Hahaha R.B.'s Loss, not myne! And now my Three cheese & Chicken Quesadilla has gotten all over the microwave, so I g2g kleanz it ^! BYE!


YEAH¡!¡ Today I found out that I passed my Algebra SOL!!! YEAH!!! So far I have taken my Writing and Algebra SOLs and passed both of them!!! That's way diff than my Grundo Neopet, he's "dim witted!" I'm in 8th grade and I have passed a 9th grade SOL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Bye!!! *~~*


O0o0O0o0O0o0O Today is Saturday¡!¡ o0o0o0o0o0o0o0


Welps ... today is Sunday, nm happened today ... well I didn't go to church today ... well we never go to church.


Today is Memorial Day¡!¡ Today my dad made me build a "monument" for Memorial Day, well, no, not a "monument" but we were building a deck! I had to bail water out of the holes for the damn deck!!! I hate it! He borrowed a hole digger thingy for the posts for the deck and we dug the holes then it rained and the holes filled up w/ water and today I had to bail water out of them! Oh, yeah ... before that we went to a River's Bend Memorial Day Pool Party thing and I got SUNBURNT way baddlie!!! But anyways ... that is over and now i g2g, bie!


I went to skool 2day and I took my Espanol Examen ... in 5th period I wrote "notes" on my shoe and when I walked to 6th period they whiped off, then in 6th period I re-wrote them on my shoe. Then when I was taking my Espanol Examen I didn't even use the "notes" ... LOL, I memorized it! Bye!


MAN!!! Today I found out that that one letter didn't say I passed the Alg. SOL, I just passed the Math 8 SoL and that I just had to come to school l8er 2morra, man¡!¡ Hey, also I took my READING SOL 2day! After it was done I played me GBA SP (Gameboy Advance SP)! Then when we left I went to 5th per., went to lunch, then back to 5th per., then I went to 6th per. (Health) and we watched a gay assed movie show thigy. To make a long story short I played me GBA SP again and I kept hiding it when teachers walked in and out of the klassroom! Welps, i g2g, bie¡!¡


Hey, I got to wake ^ at 9:00AM 2day! I woke ^ @ 9:00AM cuz I didn't have to take the MATH 8 SOL, cuz I passed it last yr!!! :-P And, I woke ^ @ 9:00AM but I was still l8 2 klass at 11:09AM!!! Well, my mom had to get off work 2 come and pick  me ^ so what do u expect!? Splew, c u re8l¡!¡ Eib!


Today ... um we took a Science 8 SOL ... and they had a camera in the SOL testing room that we were in to spy on us, cuz we saw the cam move and they had it hooked up to tvs in the library to c if we were cheating¡!¡ Like they don't trust us ... come on ... ok ... so they have good reason not to trust us, but still! Then after we took the test, sum1 covered the cam. Not gonna say who cuz might get dem in trouble! But then we were playing w/ the cam. some ppl moved it so it faced the other way, and some ppl covered it and un-covered it ... etc. Well, we had funn, then Erin, Kate, Janie, and Kayla (sorrie if i spelled ur name wrong ne1!) and they were lookin through me stuffz and Kate wanted 2 wear me watch and necklace, lolz!!! Welps, g2g, bie!


Hey! 2day I had 2 wake ^ @ 7:00AM 2 go 2 the RB (River's Bend) pool 2 do  tyme trials 4 swim team. I can't remember any of my tymes besides freestyle, which btw was 32.48 secs! And I know none of my tymes were above or at 1 min. My Fly & Back were both in the low 50 secs, i think. I dunno what Breast was ... um mabey sum where in the 40 secs¿?¿ Any ways, while we were there it started 2 rain then w/in like 2 secs it started 2 pour dwn rain! then after like 30 secs it stopped, then it did like that until we were done w/ tyme trials. Then we gots home and it started having pouring intervals again. But this tyme the pouring of rain sections lasted for like 2 or 3 mins. I sat in me room and looked out the window and watched the "pour"! I wuv it when it pours! Then we put ^ these pic wire thingys above my folding wall table thingy in my room. Then my sis went 2 spend the night at her friends house and my parents went 2 go 2 a partie @ a friends house and I wuz < (left) home-alone w/ me doggie! I changed the radio station 2 Q94 and got on the comp! I lookied @ FUTURAMA thigys!!! I found out that they is starting FUTURAMA ^ again w/ new episodes!!! Starting 2marroe (Sundae) they r gonna show new episodes of FUTURAMA at 7PM on channel 5 (Fox) every Sundae¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPIE¡!¡ Now afta I watch Futuama on Fox I will have seen Futurama on 3 diff channels, BTW, that's 1 moore channel than average futurama watchers!!! Afta I see it on Fox I will have seen Futurama on these channels: Fox, Cartoon Network, and AFN (American Forces Network)¡!¡ Well, afta my parents came home I got off the comp and I started a program on my TI-83 Graphing Calc that can help you encode AA2 (Alien Alphabet 2)! AA2 is a type of alphabet that is used on FUTRAMA!!! The encoding of AA2 is rrrrreeeeeaaaaallllllllllyyyyy hard cuz it is all mathimatical and krap. So I'm inventing a program that helps you encode AA2. Welpies, thaties allies Iies didies todayies! Byeies!