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John - Rated "X" for extremely sexual and strange scenes  -Sometime in the 8th grade - I know this person named John from somewhere! :-) And I think he is real hott. Well at the time I didn't know that I thought that if that makes any sense at all. But I had a dream with him in it cause ... well, he was inserted in my small brain somewhere. So in my dream I was sitting near a pool and he was trying to tell me he was gay for some reason, mabey cause that's what I wanted him to be and he acts a little on the gay side. Well I was sitting by the pool and he walked near me but about 10 feet away and he lifted his pants leg and he looked at me in a sexy way. Kinda scary since i'm not all gay, ya know. Then I was sitting in the same place and he had gone away and I got a text message on my cell phone that I don't have and never have had. It said, "God your hot. -John" LOL, that was way scary now he's calling me!? But in the morning I had a whole day dedicated to him since he is soo hott¡!¡

Kirk - Rated "R" for sexual and crude (¿what's crude?) humor - Sometime while I was in the 8th Grade - Well this was a STRANGE dream because it involved a person that I never think about on a daily basis, well I don't think i've ever spent a lot of time thinking about the ppl that are in this dream, well besides me. LOL Well here's how the dream went, I was in a room, for some strange reason it was my bed room and Kirk was standing near the window with Molly laying against the window. I walked in and Molly fell asleep and I started to change my clothes. Why the hell was I doing that!? Anyways I was changing and my dick fell out of my boxers and Kirk was lookin and he said, "That's a big one!" Then he went on about stuff then he said, "That's a ketchup shooter!" Then I just set of I was so pissed (I dunno y, "That's a big one" is a compliment, LOL) off, then I ran up to Kirk and said in a mean tone of voice, "You wanna suck it!?" I dunno y the hell I said that. Then he was like, "No!!!" Then Another dude walked in with the smallest dick in the world and Kirk said, "That's a small one!" LOL, I think that was halarius!!! I dunno what was up with that dream besides it was wierd, lol.