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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

Hey everyone! If I forgot you then OH WELL!!! J/K e-mail me and I'll probably put you one! Well Enjoy!!!

This represents Britt all~the~way!!!

Brittaney!!! WooHoo!!!
Hey Britt,
Goddam* you! You cursed me ... with my very second AWESOME crush! Sorry you had to be second ... if only I had met you earlier ... Oh well, I hope you can settle for second!!! LOL!!!

Erin & Janie!
Sorry I have to put you both in the same box ... but ... Oh Well ... drastic times call for drastic measures I guess ... but what am I measuring? J/K LOL. Well don't have much to say about you ... :'( Wish I knew more!!! Oh yeah! Erin and Janie are both in my group in math ... ok, now I've said all I know ... j/k ... but I can't think of anything more!!! God ... stop pressuring me! LOL, j/k!!!

Here's an airplane for Janie since she's going to Alsaka! LOL! (Inside Joke!)

Hey Hal, I don't now what pic you like, unless you like that pic on the now section of your site! LOL

Hal Sparks!
WooHoo!!! Even though you haven't written me back with an e-mail I'll still give you a shout-out cause you've given me something to think about while I'm trying to fall asleep, listening to my English teacher go on-and-on, and for that GAY-@$$ED DUMB POINTLESS movie in Social Studies! God I hated that!!!


Hey Dustin,
Well, I know your never gonna get on to my site cause your never online but if you do happen to get on it'll probably be only once ... so ... whatever, HEY! Hal out ranks you and I haven't even met him, LOL, j/k these callouts aren't in any order.

Hey, Dust, do you like feet!?

You ... writing!


Hey Nick! Welps, I know u prob. not gonna ever get on this site, let alone, get online! Well, if ya dew than i'll let u in on the inside secrect about "Do It In The Sand!" The joke wouldn't mean nething to you or ne1 else besides me, erin, and janie. Welps, u r the guy that wrote "Hey Suga" in my yrbk cause I fuckin watched u write it!!!