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OJ June 2003


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Here are all of my entries for June 2003!


HAPPIE JUNE!!! Today my dad put 2 mirrors up on me wall and then I had to go and dew my hw. Then we took a break and we went 2 The Home Depot and gots o'millio' pounds o' wood! Then we came home and we unloaded the wood and I kut the grazz and then I got on the comp, then I worked on my TI-83 Graphing Calc program (BTW it is almost done! I just need to write the instructions!) then I had to go do my hw again. Then we ate dinna then I toook out the recycleables then I finnished my hw. Then I watched FUTURAMA!!! Woohoo, the episode wuz "The Sting" the episode is wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy 2 hard 2 explain so imma just gonna say that the episode wuz ])a Bomb! Well, now here II am writing this OJ entry and I have to go cuz this peisode of That's So Raven iz on and it has guest star Kirsten Storms, so ... bie!!!


Hey, nm happened 2day, normal day @ skool and all! :-P Well ... I dew have 2 admit that "The Sting" wuz the sweetest most awesomest koolest coolest kewlest episode of Futurama EVER! For my program ... I wrote the instructions but now I have 2 type them up, put the program on the comp (which does include finding my link-^ cord), putting them into a Winzip file, and e-mailing it to my Futurama friend, check out his site The Futurama Point! Well ... Bye!


NM happened 2day, we took our Soc. Stu. SOL, and I found out dat we gets our yearbooks on Fryday! Put your hands in the air like ya just dont kare! WooHoo! Also I already know what the cover looks like and the description of it summed up into one word is: gay-assed-fucked-up-drawn-wrong-hideous. That is one word ... ... ... right? Well, I also had 2 go to swim prac. We did a relay, feet-first swimming (you have to float your feet at the top of the water in front of you and do a 25 by moving your hands, and then when you get to the other side you do a 25 freestyle back, I know that sounds like some unknown foriegn lag. 2 some ppl, but 2 badd 4 u!), and we did fly (25 & 50), back (25 & 50), breast (25 & 50), and freestyle (2 25s & 2 50s)! Keenan was wearing a swim suit that wuz 5 tymes tooooooo big 4 him and he had a speedo on underneath (not sumtang made by the Speedo company ... an actual speedo!) and I had to swim behind him for a freestyle sprint i think. And while we were swimmin his suit fell off and I had my head underwater w/ goggles on so I was like ... put that suit back on B4 I go blind, lol! Then we had Japanese 4 dinna, went home, then I watched Futurama @ 11:00PM and then I went 2 bed! Bye!


NM happened today, well, in second period Mr. Stone my teach made us all stand on chairs and hold hands, then the person on the end touched this thingy, they have them in museums, and when you touch it your hair stands up ... ya know what im talkin bout? well, the person on the end touched it and it shocked us all, we could feel it in our wrists the most, ppl who were closer to the front could feel it in their arms too, but it shot straight through my wrists and it hurt like SHIT! Before we all held hands and he touched the thingy, Mr. Stone had us all take off our watches, MAN! I shouldn't have taken myne off! I want a bigger shock!!! But NE ways, it was AWESOME!!!


My G'parents came to visit today and they are staying through Saturday ... I think. Well, I didn't have to go to swim prac. 2day cause we had to go to my sister's "graduation". It was a fifth grade graduation. I NEVER HAD FIFTH GRADE GRADUATION!!! But anyways, I saw Dustin there, I only saw him when he first came in and wuz lookin 4 a seat, I never saw him after that though. Oh yeah, we also had an exam in 1st per. My 1st per. is computer applications so all we had to do was make a two page linked h.t.m.l. website, talking about one of the three topics he gave us to choose from. My site ended up being underwater themed, it had a spinning fish and Mr. Jones my teach was like "You are not allowed to have drunken fish on this project!" He wuz j/k though. Welps, g2g, bye!


Hey! Today we got yrbooks! OMG! The cover looks worse than I thought it would look like! It has the same design i thought, but the cougar was holding a movie thing instead of a megaphone and the movie thing said, "Carver TAKE 2003" so it looks like our school was really bad because it took us until the 2003 time to get it right or sumtang! Then there is thhe issue of the special effects, can you say ... went over board!? ... They had all of these effects all over the front cover and it looks insane now! It looks like the cougar put on too much mascara 4 gods sakes! Yeah, well, I just remembered that yesterday when Bill got off of the bus thomas and patty lifted the sewer cover and Bill climbed in! I dunno y they did that, but o well! And I found out that a woman person who lives on my street or sumtang was in the movie Hannibal, but then the scene was cut! :'( And there is a person in the next court over and he plays for the Missori Vikings or sumtang like that, it was some team that started w/ Missori! And there are 2 kids that live here in RB and they were in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! They were in some of the pictures that moved in the hallway w/ the moving staircases, thier dad lives in cali and does special effects and stuff for movies! Supposedly the 2 kids were also in the crowd at the Quiddicth match too, at least thats wut my sis says. I get to see the animator dude 2marroe @ the swim meet! I hope I come home w/ some ribbons! And 2day I found out dat 1 of my good friends has to go to court for shoplifting ... oh well, hope it turns out in thier favor, and you who was shoplifting (I'm not metioning the name for varios reasons, if you look closely, i'm not even telling the sex!) I do not think any lower of you or what ever u thought I would feel. U r just the same as B4! :-P Also in the yearbook my pic is right next to this retarded kid and i'm soo pissed 'bout dat, i might white out his pic ... ssshhhh ... don't tell ne1! LOL! AND HEY NICK (MILAN LOL, J/K) R. YOU NEED TO BRING A PIC OF YOU TO SKOOL SO I CAN HAVE CAUSE YOU LIL BITCH AINT IN THE YRBOOK! No offense meant by that last sentence if you took ne Nick! Well, I g2g, ttyl!


Well, my G'parents left today, around 3 o'clock ish. Well I had to wake ^ at 7:30AM this mornin to go to RB Pool for a swim meet! We got there around 7:50Am and we were acctually supposed to be there at 7:30AM, but I was just waking ^ then! But when we got there it was raining, not 2 hard but not lightly either. And we got there and I was sooooo pissed, I went over to see my events, found out I was standing in the wrong line for 8 mins then went over to my age group board (BTW my board had no line!) and the markers didn't work so I had to go back out to the car and get a pen then I came back to write my events (By then evry1 wuz done w/ writin thier events!) then I wrote them down, and it started 2 POUR down rain! I was mad & everything from the events thing so I wuz walkin around fastly looking 4 ppl 2 hit w/ my bag, found a few btw, and then I put my bag down and waited for my event ... ... ... in the damn pouring rain that is! So by time they acctaully got to event 01 u couldn't tell that I haden't gotten in the water yet! Then after events 1 & 2 they rescheduled the meet for next Monday, the 16th! They claimed that the judges couldn't see the wall down far enough (to see if sum1 taged the wall) to stop the timern cuz the rain wuz bouncin off the top of the water and stuff. So next Monday, the 16th I have to do these: event 4 (Relay lane B Freestyle), event 15 (Freestyle), event 25 (Breaststroke), and event 47 (Backstroke)! Well that's pretty much all that happened today, well we also went to Target and I bought "Futurama Season 1" DVD! 14 episodes on 3 discs, 4 sum odd reason they have deleted scenes 4 sum of the episodes! LOL! Well, bye 4 now!


Today started off watching my new Futurama DVD!!! Theres only a few episodes on there that I haven't seen but I wanted to have the episodes on a nice formatted DVD instead of some gay tape that you have to fst fwrd to find whichever epidoes you want to watch! Well, then I did my Soc. Stu. project! Can you believe it!? I left all of my work that I had already done on my project at skool on accident! I acctually had a dream last night (check the dream section) that I went to skool got my stuff and came home! Well, anyways I did the project it only took about 2 1/2 hrs. Not long for a project considering I watched tv and took a break for lunch while I did it! Well, then I started on my NEW site! It's here at Omicron Persei! It's not quite done, well, to be truthful, it looks like krap now but within a week it should look way better, the only reason that it looks like krap is because im working on the framing and good stuff offline so then I can just copy & paste all of the HTML onto the site and BAM! Instant great site, right now I'm working on Omicron Persei 7 section of the site! Welps, I g2g now, be sure to check out Omicron Persei!


Hey! Welcome to the last week of skool! 2day, I got 14 sigs in my yrbook, all new cuz i didn't get any sigs on fri. when we gots them! Well, 2day I found out Nick's OTHER SN, by readin Alex M's yrkbk! Nick just musta 4got 2 tell it 2 me! 2marroe imma bust him 4 not telling it 2 me! We supposedly had exams in 3rd per. but Mrs. DeJohn didn't have exams for her klass and that was my 3rd per. klass (Mrs. DeJohn's English Klass) so we watched a movie (Where The Red Fern Grows) Then we watched "Between The Lions" on PBS on MUTE cuz she couldn't turn the volume ^ cause it wuzn't educational! Ok, now I know 4 a fact that when we watched it on MUTE we learned a whole lot about the letter "E" ok! LOL! That was thier letter 4 2day! Um, yea, then when I came home I got on AIM (Had no HW, Exam Day) and added M. Ivy's SN 2 my BL, she put it in my yrbk so I had 2! And then l8er she got on and we chatted 4 about 3 hrs! Dat's a lot considering we haven't barely ever talked before, mabey a few words, but thats all. Then I went to swm prac. There's this cool kid on the team cause he's just like 1 of my friends from when I lived in Italy! He has the same name, is about the same age, same hair color, a lil skinnier, but I mean it is funnie to watch cause he acts the same 2! Well, also @ swm prac. its funnie cause I start out in like 5th place in line, then by the end of swm prac. im 1st in line cause evry1 in the line im always in are slow-lil-crap heads! Well, I guess thats what I get when I swim in the 11-12 line and im 14 ... well, ya know only 2 yrs apart! ;_P Yeah, and when I got home I had to take the trash out and I bent the door thingy that helps the door close and lock, on the door that goes from the garage to outside! Then my dad had 2 bend it back. I bent it half the way with my hands, then he got pliers and WHAMMED it! As soon as I went out there they were all over me ... like misquitoes on a human, funnie comparison, they WERE miswuitoes and they were all over ME! In they first 2 secs I wuz out der I got 3 bites! Well, its all itchie now, so I g2g, ttyl, bye! :-D


AAAWWWWW, 2day is that last full day of my 8th grade skool year! Hopefully it is, I guess I wouldn't mind taking it again next yr though! :-P! I think 2day is also the last day I will ever see Mrs. Stocks again! Yea! Ok, well, kinda yea, and kinda not yea, it wuz fun w/ her, more than it woulda been w/ Mrs. Scott!!! The last possible time I can see her would be in the hallways or @ the awards ceremony on da last day (Dis Fryday!!!)! BTW is it bad if you get cut on your finger w/ a pen and ink gets in it!? Cause Dustin cut me w/ my pen over 3 hrs ago and it still hurts! It feels like a paper cut! But anyways today I got 12 new sigs in my yrbk! But for my whole yrbk I have 27 sigs, but I only have 18 unique sigs, that means I only have sigs from 18 diff ppl! Nick (Milan) signed my yrbk 6 diff tymes!!! He kept asking if he couls sign it again and again and again! One sig he wrote says, "Hey Suga, call me at 804-524-6193" I dunno whos phone # dat is, I know its not his cause I have his, so dunt call dat #, unless ur lookin for a number 4 a prank kall ... But I think he wuz j/k w/ that sig, or mabey not ... skarey stuffz! But another that he wrote says (written on the crack of the book), "I was first to sign your crack did it tickel!" Isn't dat jus nastie, and now he wants me to go to his house ... um, not too sure 'bout dat, but neways, he's a good friend! And nm else happened today, oh yeah, I did look through my yrbk and found out dat sum kids on RB swm team go to my skool and I didn't know it, I mean I knew some that went to my skool, but some other that I thought were in like elem. skool rn't! And I also looked through my yrbk from my last yrs old skool and I wuz gettin sad kinda by remembering "The Good Tymes!" Welps, that's all I gots for 2day! Bye!


Hey! 2day is the beggining of the ending of skool cause it is the start of the 3, 1/2 day line up thingy! Ok, 1st item of disscusion 2day, TICKS! When I wuz changing into my swim suit 4 swim prac. 2day i found a TICK on my leg! It wuz kinda close to the part of my body where you wouldn't (I hope) wanna look! K, 2ns item of disscusion, MY NEW WEBSITE! You have to go visit it! Omicron Persei is a Fansite related to the Cartoon Way Ahead Of It's Time ... FUTURAMA!!! The reason you have 2 visit it is cuz last night I finally finished and uploaded the design for Omicron Persei 7 onto the page! Today I worked on the design 4 the Home page and it is nearing completion! Ok, 3rd item of disscusion (R U disscusing these!?) LOS PANTALONES! And yes, I do mean "THE PANTS!" I have a pair of pants that I am ingrowing instead of outgrowing like I am supposed 2! By swimming I'm shrinking, and now a have a pair of pants that used to fit fine, but now they are toooooo bigg! KKKKK, now the 4th an final item of disscusion is SOCIAL STUDDIES TODAY! We took our exam in Soc. Stu. 2day and it wuz only 12 "?"'s long! Them we had 2 watch a video and in the beggining when it wuz boring and they were juz preparing to go to war I took a lil nap, bout 10 min nap. Kinda Kool though, dunno if Mr. Seiler saw me, but i think if he saw me he woulda waken me ^ but I woke myself ^, didn't rely on no1! Welps, dats bout all I have for OJ TODAY! BTW, have you noticed my OJ have been gettin longer!?


2day iz the 2nd 2 last day¡!¡ Itz kinda sad, but @ the same tyme itz not kinda sad. We had a 2 hr. early release day 2day! When I wuz in 4th per, 2day takin my test, Dr. Stanfield (The Principal) called me down 2 his office! I wuz like oh crap, hope I dun't get in trouble on the 2nd 2 last day o'skool! But he called Lorenzo, Braxton, Cindy, and I down to axe uz 'bout Cameron. He prolly has like a 5% on his report card so Dr. Stanfield wuz like, does Cameron get all the same opportunities as you? And he wuz like does Mrs. Old give him the same work that she gives evry1 else? NEWays, it wuz funnie, then I went back 2 klass. Then we went to 6th per. 4 2 hrs. and that klass 4 me is P.E. so we had 2 sit in the Gym for 2 hrs. dooin nutin! Welps, then we left and when the busses were leaving we found out that Margaret got left behind @ skool! It wuz soo funnie! Welps, I g2g, bye!


Hey! 2day wuz the last day of my 8th Grade skool yr! (Hopefully!) An, um 2day my G'parents came again! Can the maddness just end!? Ok, well I went to swm prac. afta dat, an after a 1/2 hr of swm prac. I stayed at the pool 4 the next 2 hrs. untill it closed! Then I came homw and we ate dinna, fun fun, then I had chips an dip, then got on AIM. I chatted a while then got off an now i'm watching "The Even Stevens Movie" its the world premiere of it!


2day wuz the 1st day of summa, an a not very exciting 1 at that! ON THE 1ST DAY OF SUMMA I HAD 2 WAKE ^ @ 7:00AM! THE 1ST DAY OF SUMMA IS SUPPOSED 2 B A SLEEP IN DAY! Well, anyways, I had 2 wake ^ @ 7:00AM cuz we had to go to A SWIM MEET. We woke ^ then went, then I got in 4 2 25ms of FREESTYLE, then I got out an for sum strange reason we did the relays first even though they were supposed to be last, the relay event #s were 60-64, I think. Well, I wuz in relay event # 62. These relays were FREESTYLE relays. I went 1st, of course, oh god, I jus luv 2 B the leader ... NOT¡!¡ Anywayz afta the relays we did the events starting @ 06, then 08, then 10, then 11, then 12, an soo on. I dunno wut happened to 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, an 09. Well, then I wuz out till event # 15 so, I went ahead an got a sausage, egg, 'n' cheese, sanwich from the snack bar that they had there. Then I did my event #15 which wuz a 50m FREESTYLE. Then I wuz outta the wata till event #47 which wuz in the 2nd 1/2! Soit wuz like a 3 hr. break B4 I had 2 swim again. I layed out an got rrrrreeeeeaaaaallllllllllyyyyy sssssuuuuunnnnn bbbbbuuuuurrrrrnnnnnttttt¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡ I wuz all roasty an toasty. So afta 3 hrs I wanted to get in that wata as fast/soon as possibble! An since my event # 47 wuz a 50m BACKSTROKE I got to jump in an bee in da wata till I had to start off! BTW I wuz 1 sec worse on my event # 15, 50m FREESTYLE, but I wuz 3 secs betta on my event # 47, 50m BACKSTROKE. Then I got out an I had like 8 mins B4 I had to get bak in line. So I took a break. Then I got back in line w/ my kard, gettin ready for my event # 57 which wuz a 50m BUTTERFLY! I HATE BUTTERFLY! An so then I jumped in an swam. I improved by 3secs on my event # 57, 50m BUTTERFLY! I wuz also my HEAT WINNA for event # 57, HEAT # 1 (Dat's the heat dat they put da fast ppl in!)!!! I wuz soo happie, too bad they only give out heat winna ribbons to the like 8 & under age groups. Well, we won the MEET to make a lllllooooonnnnnggggg storie short! Then we wnt to go get my hair cut and I asked for a 4 on the top an a 3 on the sides, but the fuckin lady did like a 2 all the way round and now I look like im sorta BALD! I'm soo pissed @ dat LADY! But then when we went HOME I took like a 2 & 1/2 hr. nap, I wuz tired form all o' dat swimmin i DIDN'T do! LOL, j/k. Then I woke up an my mom cooked dinna and dat's dat!


NM wuz happnin 2day! I got wokened ^ earlie again though, damn those peeps who think it's funnie 2 break other ppls sleep! An my parents made me cut the grazz. :'( But it wuz O.K. I cut the front then took a break then threw watermelon out back in the woods for the bunnies an the deer an crap. Then I went back to cuttin 1/2 the back yard. No matta wut my parents think, i dunt think the other 1/2 needs cut! THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN I GOT THIS STRANGE IMPULSE THAT WANTED ME TO PLAY THE SIMS ONLINE! So I got on the comp an I got on AIM for a min B4 I got on TSO. Britt wuz on an I told he all dat I did 2day already and she wuz like, lol, I jus woke ^, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! But Neways, then I checked my mail, all junk, then got on TSO!!! I got on an realized that I hadn't been on in 4 munths! Then I wuz on 4 a while, an my dad told me to go move the stack o' wood so he couls move the car, I wuz stackin it all nice an crap, but then all o' the wood fell over an crap an it pissed me off badd! so then I jus threw the wood on top of the stack an it wuz the messiest stack o' wood u ever saw! But he did jus say put them in a stack o'er there. So I did, I even went further an made sure none of it wuz touchin the ground so it didn't get soaked. But he still didn't liek it so he re-stacked them, yip-ee I WON!! LOL, j/k. An then I got back on the comp and made a new heading thingy for Omicron Persei 9, the planet where men come from, lol. Well, it's for a section of my FUTURAMA FANSITE @ Omicron Persei! O.P. an O.P. 7 are made but I'm workin on the O.P. 9 page offline, I always do, then upload the whole page @ one tyme. Then I IMED my new TSO friend an I got on TSO! It wuz sweet but no1 wuz on cuz it wuz Farter's Father's Day! But there were still sum ppl on. so then we went out to dinna an we had funn, P.S. Q94 ROXS!


2day wuz my first day of summa camp, well sorta. I mean the first day of summa camp for this summa. I go to Camp Thunderbird! Woop Woop! 2day wuz da 1st day from session 1 out of 6 sessions. An I went dis mornin, I hated it till we had 2 go 2 the upper feild an we split into our groups. Then I started 2 chat w/ Chris an ppl, BTW I know Chris from last summa when I went 2 summa camp, at session 4. Then afta we meet our counclor, we went to go to the Ropes Course. For the 1st thing we had to get through this "Spider Web" thingy, and when they lifted me through, they dropped me! But the we went to the tire swingy thingys and we had to get from one end to the other, then we went to this board thingy we had to get every1 over it. Then we went to the L.I.T. CENTER. We stayed there for a while, we found the freezers w/ the ice cream in them ... hahaha ... :-P! Then my mom picked me ^ earlie from Camp T-Bird. We went 2 McDonalds an I got sum food. Then we went home. Then we went 2 the RBST Swim Meet. We were versin PSA. It wuz fun but since it started @ 5:00PM, it ended @ 11:00PM¡!¡ But neways it wuz funn der @ da swim meet. I couldn't stop eatin, I ate an I ate an I ate sum moore! But nways, I think I did really good on my events! Also, you know bout that shitty hair cut dat i got da other day, well, I didn't want 2 go 2 da swim meet cause of my hair cut, i didn't want K.J., T.M., or W.B. 2 see me w/ that hair cut. Then not only were K.J., T.M., an W.B. there but so were M.J., D.P., S.S., W.S., an J.K. wuz there¡!¡ I juz out thier initials cuz of privacy an all o' dat shit.


I started off my day by goin 2 Camp T-Bird! LOLOLOLOLOL, I had 2 go 4 the whole day 2day! We didn't dew much 2day, Besides Meals On Wheels, LOL :-P. Sum of da pplz wuz wierd-oes! We went 2 4 plaves, one place had a drunk ass man, another w/ a blind lady, another w/ a lady who came out snatched the food an ran back in da house, the last wuz a lady who wouldn't leave her house, she wouldn't even go on the front porch! Then we went back 2 camp an went 2 lunch, then arts & crafts, we made "fossils" then we did Gimp. Then We went home, I had 2 go 2 swim prac. in the POURING rain. It wuz only me, my sis, an my sis's friend, @ practice. NEways, I got my ribbons from Moonday's Swim Meet, they were all 1st Place Ribbons!!! :-D!


Hey! 2day wuz the 3rd day of summa camp! We had to do a hike 2day in the woods 2 go 2 Beaver Dam or wut eva itz kalled. It took us an hour 2 walk there cuz we kept havin 2 stop an wait 4 the peeps behind us. But neways by time we got 2 the dam an we were up on top of it, I had 1 tick on me, I swipedit off though. But I wuz up on top of the dam and I wuz like WOAH! I almost fell off o' the dam cause I got freaked by the tick, no, not freaked as in fucked, srry, but if you wanted 2 c some human 'n tick action this isn't the place. But I swpied it off an didn't fall. Then we walked back 2 camp, an when we were going over a log Chris decided 2 get up on it then get off instead of jus puttin ur legs over it like the rest of u did. So he got up there then slipped, OMG! It wuz halarious! But then we went 2 sit dwn at the pavilion. I had a total of 8 ticks on me 2day! 1 on my elbow, 1 on my knee (I found that 1 by accident, funnie storie! LOLZ), 1 on the back of my neck, an 5 on my legs! Welps, then 2 make a long storie short we went back 2 the L.I.T. CENTER an watched like 3/4 of Minority Report. Then closing council, then we went home, then we were home 4 like 2 secs an my parents were like, OK! LETS GO! I wuz like FUCK OFF! LOL. Then we went to Family night dinna crap a=@ camp, so dats y we had 2 leave. Then by tyme we got home we were l8 2 swim prac. More ppl were there 2day, lol, then I came home, took a shower, an then got on the comp 4 a few mins. BTW I STILL HAVE THAT TICKY FEELING! GOD I HATE IT!


Hey! 2day I woke up then got dressed then got in the truck then fell asleep then went 2 Camp T-Bird. Interesting, huh? Then we waited in Showandassee longer than we were supposed 2, every1 left an me, sum other kids, an the most of the L.I.T.s that were there stayed. The other ppl stayed cause they were playin kards, an we (L.I.T.s) stayed cause we were waitin on Stacey (our councilor) 2 get ther keys to open the L.I.T. CENTER. Then we waited in the L.I.T. CENTER an played sum games. Then we went out 2 the van an drove 2 the church, then went back to Camp TB 2 get ther coolerz dat we 4got. Then we went an got the food. Then we delivered all o da food. I brought food up to 1 dudes house along w/ Caitlin an the dude @ the house wuz a FAT @$$! He doesnt need that whole meal, Im sure he would dew jus fine w/ ½ the meal. We also 4got part of a meal 4 1 person an we had to go drive back an give it 2 her. LOL! When we went 2 1 house D.P. asked 2 use da lady dat lives theres bathroom! LOLZ! Sum1 said she also had a rabid cat, hahaha. Also, the food dat we deliver smells like SHIT! It wuz sooooooooooooooooooooooo nastie, an the worst part is dat I hav dat smell stuck in my smell sensory bank thing so now I kan smell dat shitty smell whenever I want, yippee not! Then we went 2 the CTC Mall Food Court. We (me an chris) ate at burger king. Then we all got back on da bus an went back 2 camp. When we got back we saw almost the ending of Minority Report. We had 2 stop at the part where the dude went 2 jail. Then we had 2 go hand out snacks, we walked all @ (around) camp! Then we jus ate our snack @ closing council. Then when we went back 2 Showandassee, I chatted w/ Alex, Stevie, an dose peeps. We had a game of flik da broke cup pieces @ each other. LOL, then I went home, after we had an ice cube fight. An I wuz on the comp 4 2 hrs. B4 I had 2 go 2 swm prac., I updated my OJ an stuff. @ swm prac. The coach ladies gave us skittles an the color we to was which stroke we had to do, like purp. Skittle w/ breast stroke, green wuz like a wild card, orange wuz back, yellow wuz free, an red wuz fly. Then we did sprints, then afta we were done when I wuz rollin up da lane lines the assistant coach wuz like, wut grade r u in? I said Im going into 9th, an she wuz like At Dale? An I said yea, an she went O, sorrie 4 U! Then she went on an stuffz, but nothing iz wrong w/ Dale, she jus goes 2 Byrd so they dunt like Dale. LOLZ. Then I came home, 0o0o0o0o0, BTW @ swm prc. I got a black ribbon 4 best tyme!, an then I took a shower, then ate pizza while chattin w/ friends online, if ya wanna chat, go to my contact page!


2day iz Fryday! This morning I went 2 camp as usual, but I brought my swim suit, towel, an sleepin bag w/ me, now I dont usually do dat! They made us, the L.I.T.s go to opening council 2day! We neva go der but dey made us 2day so they could announce bout da fossil hunt crap, u had 2 fins dog bones, toy dinosaurs, or huge bones there were only 4 of those hidden. But on our way 2 openin council we found like 5 bones. LOL. Then they were like u werent supposed to pick them up, then they took them an went an told Josh, then he wuz like yea, u were allowed 2 pick dem up. So she came back an handed them all out. Then when we were walkin to Horseback Riding, it started 2 pour! It wuz pourin it wuz pourin it wuz pourin, pourin, pourn, god it wuz unbelievable. So when Michael an I were goin back up the street we threw our doggie bones over an into the stream, so they wouldnt melt in our pockets. Then we went back 2 the L.I.T. CENTER, an scattered our stuff so it could try 2 dry. Then when we were @ lunch Stacey told us dat we violated our cursin privileges, an it wuz Bcuz of Collin, but it wuz also kinda me, cuz when she said dat every1 wuz like COLLIN! But Chris an Michael were like BRAD! LOLZ Then when we were gonna leave the L.I.T. CENTER we were standin @ da door an Chris flipped 1 of da switches in the room an it set off this siren!!! HAHAHAHAHA LOLZ! It wuz soo funnie, then he comes up an hes like well I thought it wuz the light switch cuz it wuz right there! Then l8er we went 2 boating, I would have tipped the boat but I had gum an a watch w/ me. Then we did inappropriate stuffz, then we went 2 hand out snacks as a group of L.I.T.s an then we ended ^ @ closing council. Then came the campout! I brought all o that stuff (sleepin bag, swim suit, etc.) so I could stay overnight @ da L.I.T. campout! Itz 4 only L.I.T.s, there were L.I.T.s from Camp Thunderbird (My camp) an Camp Red feather. Only 10 L.I.T.s stayed 4 the campout from Camp T-Bird, but only 5 L.I.T.s stayed 4 the campout from R-Feather. Me, Chris, Michael, Collin, Ali-qwuan, an Dewaun, are the boyz that stayed for the campout from Camp T-Bird, 4 other gurlz from Camp T-Bird stayed for the campout. 3 guyz an 2 gurlz from Camp R-Feather came 2 the campout. We ended up sleepin in the Office instead of the cabins cuz they had a severe T-Storm warning then it didnt even rain dat night! But neways, back 2 the campout, We went swimming 1st thing, I played a lil wata B-Ball, then swam like real strokes. Then I went ^ 2 the pavilion thingy an got my dinna, it wuz 1 cheeseburger, chips, lemonaide, an an Italian ice thingy. I went ^ an bought another ice cream bar though. But we were only allowed 2 have 1 hamburger/cheeseburger/hotdog Bcuz that iz all that Josh (The Camp Director) left 4 uz 2 eat! Then we went 2 the office where we were sleepin an they had put the Xbox into the office on the big tv so we watched HALLOWEEN RESSURECTION! Mwuahahahaha Michael Myers iz gonna kill uz all!!!!!!!! But da bad thing bout da movie iz dat it wuznt scary @ all, even during the suprising parts Bcuz u knew he wuz gonna do dat. The movie wuz funnie for like a total of 10 mins, I mean there were parts where we were krackin ^!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Then we went into the room where da boyz were sleepin an we played da Xbox (They moved it) they played like Crazy Taxi 3, an Street Vol. 2, An Tony Hawk uuummmm, 4 I guess. Then they had a fartin comp. Thingy. Ali-qwan, Dewaun, an Collin, were ova der makin all dese fartin kraps. Then I went 2 sleep, dunno wut they did afta a fell asleep @ like 2:00AM. Yea, we played games 4 like 3 hours an jank.


Itz Saturday my Homiez! We were awakened dis morning @ &:00 by Stacey comin in sayin Wake up my babys in this child-like voice thingy, then we got up (excluding Colllin) an I went an got a donut, then put my sleepin bag away. Meanwhile Collin is still in his sleepin bag. Then we came in an played da Xbox, an the other campers from camp R-Feather left then we all sat on da floor (Collin still in sleepin bag) an we waited for our parentz 2 come pick us up, Michaels _____ [Blank (I dunno who)] an his Brother came 2 pick him up, then Chris Dad came 4 him, then my Mom came an got me. Then we went 2 da mall 2 go to Waldenbooks 2 get my copie of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or Harry Potter Year 5 or The 5th Harry Potter Book wut eva u wanna call it. Then we went through the mall getting stuffz, we got these 2 wall hangin things 4 my room 1 has The Eiffel Tower on it an the other has Big Ben on it (Woop Woop, ive been 2 both o dose places!!! Woop Woop! Then we came home an I got on the net an made new pix for my new page at Omicron Persei. Then I took a shower an got dressed up, then we went 2 a weddin. It wuz this guy from my dads work uuuuummmm, we know wut they did 2night! LOLZ! No, mabey thell wait till there honeymoon in Jamaica. On our way home we stopped to get McFlurries! LOLZ! I got M&M an my sis got M&M, did u know that the last tyme I had a McFlurry wuz at EuroDisney in Paris!? Itz been like 4 yrs since then, I cant belive I havent had a McFlurry for 4 yrs! I think ive had them since then no, I had Blizzards from Dairy Queen! Then again on our way home, on a house 2 streets away from here there wuz graffiti on it! The house has a Mom & Dad (I think), A teenage boy in Highskool, an a gurl goin into 8th grade (I think 8th). There might B more, but thats all I know of, I know there is defiantly a Dad, but I dunno bout da Mom. But neways the graffiti said: [separated by (,) an quotes ()] _____ (The teenage boys name) is a fucking bitch , Youre a Bitch , Fuck , Fucker , Were gonna get you! When we continued driving on to our house no 1 said nething so I said Thats interesting an every1 started laughing! I didnt say like thats funnie, I jus said thats interesting. I think the teenage boy needs some like personal bodie gaurds or sumting. Well then we got home an my parents left 2 go 2 he weddin reception, an left me an my sis @ home. I edited my website an added a new page 2 it! Click Here for Omicron Persei 9 < Dats da page dat I added. An I also read a lil HPATOOTP (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix). Then my parents came, home, then I watched The Matrix, I couldnt finish it cuz I wuz fallin asleep @ da end. So I didnt see da end. But now I am asleep so da dunt matta no moore! Buh Byez!


2day I woke up @ 1:15PM! Dunt even ask me how I slept dat l8 cuz I dunno myself. I guess cuz goin 2 bed l8 Fry night an Sat night made me tyred. My Dad even woke me up dis morning, I prolly woulda slept till Munday morning, if no 1 woke me ^! God, sleepin a whole day away thats like 1 of my worst nightmares, unless I have a test/exam that day. But 2day iz Sunday so I obviously dunt have a test/exam 2day, an skools out neways. Well, 2day I cut the whole yard, front an back while breathin air an listenin 2 Q94 on da radio, then I also took a shower, an tried 2 make a layout for the Leela page @ Omicron Persei! An I got online an chatted, I vacuumed my room, an watched Maid In Manhattan featuring J Lo. Herself! An now Im here in bed writin this entry, so if I could either got 2 readin HPATOOTP or get sum sleep 4 camp 2marroe (Which eva apply) I would really appriciate it! GB (Good Bye)!


Itz da end of Munday! I started off da day @ camp afta I rode in the car an had waffle sticks w/ surup an woke up an brushed my teeth an got dressed well u get da drift! Well wuz @ camp then we went 2 da L.I.T. CENTER an played Xbox 4 like 2 hrs. Then we went 2 lunch @ 10:0-10 (inside joke)! An it said on our schedule dat we were supposed 2 B in der @ dat tyme, but we were sittin @ our tables which were also another pplz tables, lolz! We had X-tra dessert 4 lunch too, but it came from our own dessert box. Then we went to swim, no 1 had their suits so we jus sat round an chatted, then Michael brought out his Hottest Fucking Sauce (Dats wut it says on da bottle) an we had sum. I had sum in my eye but da other pplz had it in dere mouths. Then Chris wuz shakin da umbrella, I dunno y, an a flat, dried, dead, frog fell out, I laughed soo hard my abs started 2 hurt. Then when we were leavin we were walkin an Stacey stopped an sayed, Dumb, Dumber, an Dumbest (Dumberer) come here! LOLZ, Im Dumb, Michael iz Dumber, an Chris iz Dumbest (Dumberer)! So we waited. Then we went 2 the office, then went 2 ropes course. Then we went to O.E.E. an made a FIRE! HEHEHE!!! HAHAHA!!! We burned Cups, foil, a pencil, pinecones, baby pinecones, plastic, etc.! Then we went 2 da Stanely R. Navas Lodge 2 pick ^ snacks, we brought da 1-19 groups 2 da 1 closin place, then 20-L.I.T. to our closing council. Then a few of us went to get our Fossils an we got some Gimp, I gotta lot of Gimp now im makin this thingy. Then we had closing, then we went to stop T-Bird. Then I Bondedw/ Stevie. Then I went home. Then I went 2 swm prac. Then I came home. Then I taped/watched Futurama. Then I wrote this entry. Then I went 2 bed.


2day wuz ok. I went 2 camp dis morning, an I waited in Showandasee 4 like 15 mins then we went to da L.I.T. CENTER an we played da sk8tin game. I KICKED ASS!!! Well sorta, um, I mean I did once! I played Michael in da game. He kept beating on me ooooppppz, I mean beating me, ya know, on da game, lolz! On da Civic Center level der iz a STEAMING MAN HOLE, LOLZ! One tyme I kicked a snowmans head in da hole, lol, get it, THE STEAMING MAN HOLE GOT SOME HEAD! Then we put on The One starring Jet Lee, then in the movie they have 2 peeps dat r da same, how dey get da name of da movie 2 B The One if dere iz 2 of dem!? But then Chris came in an I wuznt in da Chris mood, I wuz like get the faggot away from me, lol, j/k, but I wuz uncomfortable w/ him sittin behind me um, u mean sittin near me. Then I played Chris on Aggressive Inline dats da name of da game, an I beat his ass not literally! I got like 70,000 moore pts. Than he did! Hehehehe! Then I let Chris verse Anne on Aggressive Inline an then I said Imma play Anne when hes done, then he played another tyme, then when it wuz my turn I wuz wwwaaayyyy pissed off @ him cuz he didnt get up outa da seat! Jack Ass! But then we went out 2 go do Meals On Wheels, We only had one stop an it wuz this oooolllldddd hearin impared guy. Then we stopped @ Wendys 4 peeps who had $$$ 2 buy lunch, Me, Michael, Chris, an Caitlen, didnt have $$$ so we had 2 eat @ da Lodge @ Camp. Then we went 2 afta noon swim an me n Mike didnt get in cuz I dunno y, but we were sweatin as shit, mabey I lost a few lbs, lol, I gained like 10 lbs an didnt know it over like da past week an a ½! Welps, den we went 2 da Stanly R. Navas Lodge 2 pick ^ snacks. Den we delivered dem, the water pissed on me again 2day! Den we stopped @ closing council an ate our snacks. Then these old peeps came by, we threw rocks in da wata an they thought dat it wuz fishes jumping, LOLZ, they got their camera ready an everyting for moore FISH 2 jump. Den we went 2 Shawondasee 2 wait 4 our parents 2 pick us up. When we went in der, um oh yea, when we were @ closing council, Mike said dat I like Stevie (a gurl btw), an I wuz like krap, an then when we were in Shawondasee I sat next 2 Stevie an Mike wuz like, AAAAAHHHHHH, an I wuz like sut ^! An then Alex (also a gurl) went around an sat on Michaels then my lap, ok then we said sumtin, the we had an interesting conversation. Yea, we have interesting convos. Everyday um jus replace interesting w/ a wurd dat starts w/ p an ends w/ d. Then my dumb ass sis wuz all there an bein annoyin, then we played spin da bottle, but Mike did it w/ Alex (remem. Alex iz a gurl) ooohhh, I dunt mean did it I mean he had to kiss her. Then It wuz Stevies (a gurl) turn an it landed on me but my dumb ass a hole sis wuz dere, like she keeps tabs on me, she neva leaves me alone, I think she likes me an doesnt want me 2 c other peeps, even though im NOT seein her cuz shes related 2 me an shes ugly. By ugly, I mean not my type, im moore into the _______________ type, im not gonna say cuz then sum1 might try 2 get me 2 like them by acting like the _______________ type.So I couldnt kiss Stevie cuz my stooped sis wuz der, then we went home cuz my dad got der, 2day wuz da 1st day he 4got 2 bring us drinks an my sis exploded, she wuz like cryin cuz she didnt get sumtin 2 drink lol, then we went home afta stopping @ McDonalds. Then we went 2 this orientation thingy @ U of R (University of Richmond) cuz I have dis 3 wk. Summa program der. Then we came home an stopped @ Wendys 2 get smoothies, dats da 2nd tyme ive been 2 Wendys 2day, an itz rare if I even go 2 Wendys. P.S. Mike Do it Dave style! An P.S.S. I am on Chapter 7 / Page 121 in Harry Potter an the Order of the Phoemix (HPATOOTP)¡!¡


I went 2 camp dis morning, an I went into Showandasee an I couldnt find Mike, lol, he wuz on da floor w/ Stevie! Woop Woop! Then we went to da L.I.T. CENTER an played a basketball game den a football game den da same basketball game. Then we went 2 go swim, we didnt swim, but we played cards an talked. Then we went 2 lunch, I had hamburgur helper, it wuz OK. Then we did Project we went 2 da bottom o da Stanley R. Navas Lodge. We tlked bout da project den we did it, 4 2 hrs. out in da 98 degrees weather we had to pull weeds, then lay dwn tarp, then put dwn black plastic outliney stuff, then we covered it w/ rockz. Then we went an handed out snackz, I had 2 donoughtz an an apple. Den we went 2 Showandasee. It wuz too hot in der so we went outside. My damn sis wouldnt go away again! So we couldnt tlk a lot cuz my damn sis. So then afta waitin like 20 mins l8er dan normal, my mom came 2 pick us up. Then I got online an I think I added a new page to Omicron Persei. Then I went 2 swm prac. We did Ims, starts, turns, etc. Then I came home took a shower than watched tv.


NM happened 2day well we had a swim meet. I went 2 summa camp then went in showandassee. Then we went in da L.I.T. CENTER. Then I found out dat Stacey changed the groups dat we get 2 shadow. We went 2 da pool, no one got in, then, oh yea, B4 we went 2 da pool, Hillary showed me how 2 make this new thing w/ gimp, an B4 dat, me n Mike were in da freezer, an sum1 locked us in, da door iz like way thick so dat no cool air escaped when it wuz still in use. We were looking @ da X-MEN mags, they have ::cough:: * HOTT * PPL from da series thigy in der, but they had X-MEN, Spider Man, an Justice Leage type ppl, not jus X-MEN, but the majority were X-MEN. Now, back 2 da pool, we were der, then we went 2 lunch. Then we went 2 go shadow our groups. I shadowed James group. We went 2 musik & drama 1st then we went 2 arts & crafts, I got 2 go in da arts & crafts building cause I wuz shadowin. They had cuss wurds that ppl wrote an they had 2 paint over them. I also walked around, Dewaun wuz shadowin the Arts & Crafts lady so I got 2 chat w/ him too. There wuzz this stooped kid who wuz wippin me w/ gimp. I walked around him (looking DOWN @ him the whole tyme) an sayed dew u like hittin on older ppl!? Dew u enjoy that!? then the kid didnt say nuthin but he kept dooin dat then he got in trouble. Then we went 2 sit @ closing, an theni got called 4 early dismissal. Then rode on the golf cart, I also found out that if you hold too tight it will push u off. Then we went 2 home, I changed den we went 2 da swim meet @ umm, I 4get, but they copied us, they were da sharks an so r we. 2 make a short long story short we won, then we went home. But afta my fly Tori wuz like U did a great job! Youre a great swimma, mabey she said dat cuz I came last in my heat, but T.M. an K.J. were also in my heat an they r fast Sons of Bitches! Welps, I g2g now, ttyl, bye!


2DAY WUZ DA LAST DAY O CAMP 4 SESSION 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sad as shit! An I kinda showed dat through da day too :,,,,,( [< lotsa tears] whoops, I mean I didnt cry, but I jus wusnt as spunky 2day. Welps, I g2g cant wait till 5th Session!


Itz Saturday!? Im soo sad I MISS CAMP! BTW I also miss da ppl @ camp too. I mean I wont be able 2 see my friends again till 5th session. But hopefully theyll all be there, Mike, Chris, an Amy, Amy wuznt der 1st session. But newayz, we didnt dew much 2day, a lil cleanin an stuffz, I also had 2 help my dad w/ da deck, of course da hard part 2! Ooooo I wuz also MADD 2day, I wuz suicidally pissed. My parents made me cut da grazz ok, so sounds like no bigg deal right but 2day wuz 1 of my relax days, 1 o those day where u wanna dew no work, an he made me cut da grazz, then he ::cough:: tried 2 change da way I cut it, didnt work, 2 well when I tried his way, I kept missin clumps o grazz caouse I couldnt C it his way. An while I wuz dooin it my ear phones kept fallin out my ears, I would say random curse wurds, sum ex: BITCH,FUCK IT!,DAMN IT! Ya know short lil stuffz. But while I cut the grazz I wuz like planning how I wuz gonna do it, I went from hangin, to knife, to gun, to poision, to runnin in front of a car. Then I wuz thinking wut my letter wouold say, like You Pushed Me Over The Edge, Now Im Gone! Then I figured I would have 2 say bye 2 every1. So since I couldnt jus go back to camp an say bye 2 my friends, I decided dat ill have 2 wait till afta da 5th session 2 kill myself, but I dunt think I will .. unless I get pushed like this again! Mwuahahahahaha! Welps, I g2g, ttyl, byez!


2day I wakened myself ^ @ 12:30, that means I slept 4 like 12 hrs cus I went 2 slp @ like 12:30, so how do I fuckin slp 4 12 hrs!? But neways I woke ^ w/ a big bump infection thingy on my lip, an I poped off this white head thingy an this puss an blood came splurging out of my lip! It wuz nastie cuz den I knew wut wuz in my lip! Then my Gparents came an my Gma wuz a nurse so of course she has 2 see it an she knew exactly wut it wuz an how 2 treat it so we did while I watched Treasure Planet then Futurama LOL, bigg surprise??? Then the damn lil lip thingy wuz treated an u couldnt even tell I had it. Itz still der but jus a lil. Then my dad made Steak 4 dinna an we had dat. Den I did sum stuff den went 2 bed.


NM happened 2day, summa settled in on me a lil, skarie thought! Wooo last 2 weeks I had stuff 2 do, camp an stuff, now I have nuthin 2 do! We went 2 da Egar Allen Poe Museum dis morning an they were closed on Mundays, so we jus looked round outside den a dude came out of da museum an he said we could go in for a short private tour [OMG! Dat sounds wrong!] an so we did, @ da end my mom gave da dude $10$ 4 da private tour. Den we went 2 uuummm, Old Navy, I got a shirt, hat, swim trunkz, an boxaz. Then we went 2 Stein Mart an my Gma got dis stuffz. Den we went 2 Cicis Pizza an had lunch. Den we went 2 Michaels an got Gimp stuffz, den we went 2 Game Stop an looked round. Den we went home, I did sum gimpin stuff, while we watched Futurama an then afta a while we went 2 Swim Prac. Den we came bac, an I snacked while we watchedMary Kate & Ashley In Rome or wuteva, I only watched ½ cuz it wuz kinda borin! Den I went 2 my room wrote dis entry den went 2 bed * afta I watched FUTURAMA * !

P.S. Italy Mix Rox! Its like da songs dat were on da radio an stuff when I lived in Italy, sum songz r, ATC: Around The World, Shaggy: It Wasnt Me, Eiffel 65: Blue, Smash Mouth: Then The Morning Comes, Basiccally Now 4 through Now 6 [ya know, the Now Thats What I call Music ___ (< a #)]! Also Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication, iz a SWEEET Song! I wuv it!