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This page doesn't have my dreams like MLK Jr.'s "I have A Dream..." speech, none of that what I want to see in the future crap. Also NO I dream of Genie crap either ... who ever did dream of her!? These are all pure dreams that I have had while I was sleeping. Whether it was in class or not! But, if your looking for my nice and way more interesting Day Dreams click on the link!

When I was little (around 1 or 2 yrs. old

I was laying in my crib when a giant hermit crab that took up the whole room came over and tryed to get me!!! Some how he didn't but I was terrified! God, you would be too!!! I also have no idea how I remember that dream considering I don't know what I had for dinner last night!?

About the middle of 8th Grade!

Refer to the pic below to understand what I'm saying. One time when I tried to "convert" if I have told you about "converting" then you'll know what I'm talking about, otherwise ... to you it was just a dream not triggered by anything ... nope not triggered ... - Well I was on the bus and we were on the street that my school was on and I fell asleep and I had this dream: I was standing in area A (I was like this: !)and there were two ghosts, B ()(Ghost B was blue in my dream!)& C ()(Ghost C was orange in my dream, but I couldn't find or edit a pic to make an orange devil smilie!), Well at first ghost B came over to me at area A and he passed trough me and took all of my "Christianity" out of me and laughed like Mhuahahahaha. Then ghost B went back to his corner. Then ghost C thought I had some "Christianity left so he came over and passed through me. After he came fully out he looked sad and let out a high shriek like a high pitched AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! And then he dissappeared like he dissolved into the air and he was GONE!!! Then I woke up and the bus was in the same spot it was in when I fell asleep which was kinda wierd along with the dream, LOL!

This pic is from that dream above!

Sometime in 8th grade while I was on the bus

I had to sit next to Courtney. She's loud and loves to talk, loudly! So of course she was in my dream! LOL! Well I kept falling asleep and waking up over and over again so many times I couldn't keep track of how many times it was! Well in the final part of the dream I saw Courtney in the middle of a church shaped like the Vatican (Cross-shaped) and she put her hands up and said something and then she floated up tward the top of the church! Then she was gone! Then I woke up.

When I was in 8th grade

I had heard that Hilary Duff was coming to Chestr, and I just blew it away thinking, God, I'll never be able to see her. Then on a later day I looked out my window and there were a few people gathered around a house across the street and two doors to the right. So, of course I walked over there and I saw a girl, smiling like always, god, it was Hilary! So for some strange reason I went over and said Hi. Then for some even stranger reason we walked over to my house arm-in-arm! Then we chatted for a while and then for some abnormal reason I asked Hilary out! And she accepted! There is no way on earth that would ever happen! HaHa, you though I was talking about me asking her out!? Ha I was talking about her coming to Chester ... HaHaHaHa LOL!

When I was in 8th grade

After that dream I had above, mabey a few days to a week later (Keep in mind I hadn't thought of Hilary the whole time!) I had another dream. In this dream we were great friends and i guess we were older, but I asked her to marry me, and she, again, accepted! Then we had a nice little marriage and I haven't had a dream abotu her since!

04/25/03 - 04/26/03 Overnight

I was in a store like party city, but it had things more close together. There were some teens in a corner and a HUGE paper plate shaped like a star was there. This old guy ... around 40 years old got on the plate then the teens laughed. Then I got on the plate and they put normal sized paper plates that were circles around me. Then I got off and they put paper plates in the areas show in the picture below. They laughed and said, "That's so inappropriate!" I have no idea what was up with that dream ... it was B-O-R-I-N-G!

Yellow - HUGE star plate/Blue - Reg. Circ. Plates

04/27/03 - 04/28/03 Overnight

I was sitting in an airport area and there was this dude sitting behind me and he was wearing the same shirt as me! It was my "Paradise Found - Jacksonville FL." shirt. Then I woke up. I think I had a dream like this cause I'm always stressed when I wear a shirt, I'm always like ... well is someone else wearing it today!? Well whatever that dream was wierd and boring!

05/02/03 05/03/03 Overnight

Well, it started when I was in a plane and my cousin (Ryan) was flying it! The places where you sit are like the front seat of an SUV. I was in the passengers seat and my cousin was in the drivers seat and he was driving the plane. Well heres some history about my cousin. He has gotten in lots of trouble before. He actually likes it in juvie and gets straight As in there because of the strictness. Well so of course while he was driving the plane we were in he was acting all immature and Im sure what he was doing is like illegal but he was doing barrel rolls and flips, I cant remember whether they were front flips or back flips, both seem weird to do in a plane, but thats not important! Well anyways, since it was like an SUV, and the fact that the seat belts just went around your waist, and we were doing front flips and barrel rolls (BTW we were close to the ground too, so close that I know it was way illegal, it was around maybe 100 ft. off the ground) and since we were doing barrel rolls and flips, and the seat belts were barely there, I was OK at first it felt like a roller coaster ride and lets face it, we all know I love roller coaster rides! But then after about 20 of those it got real scary and I started to sweat! For some strange reason there was a thing in front of me to hold/hug/never let go of, in front of me. So I was like, god Ryan! Please stop! Of course I didnt say please but ya know! Then he was like hold onto that (the thing to hold/hug/never let go of)! And so of course I did. Then I was holding it no, I was skweesing it to death, hold on, it was already dead, oh well. And we flew near my cousins house BTW the cousins house Im talking about is my cousin Brandons, even though Ryan is the brother of Brandon, ya know what I mean. And I said house cause it looked nothing like the house he lives in now, it looked like my house in Chesapeake but more exaggerated. When I saw it I was excited cause I knew where I was! Then I had some strange instinct to get off by any means possible. So when we got close enough to the house I jumped off the plane and for some strange reason I jumped of the drivers side wing, but I was sitting in the passengers side. Anyways after I jumped I grabbed onto the roof of the house so yes I was hanging off of the second floor. Then I slipped off of the roof and I grabbed onto a window that was on the second floor. Then I slipped off of the window and fell all the way to the ground and I ran out to the front of the house. I saw my Aunt and my cousin (Brandon) drive around the corner thank god their coming home. Then they pulled up and they were like what the crap, what are you doing here!? I totally ignored what they said and I told them that Ryan was flying a plane and I pointed up in the sky towards him, and my Aunt said, Oh dear god! And then I woke up. That dream was weird but it was awesome at the same time! I love scary dreams!!!

05/03/03 - 05/04/03 Overnight

I was on a plane ... not a small plane like I was in in the dream above. I was in a huge plane like you fly in to go overseas. I'm talking H---U---G---E!!! Anyways, for some reason there were almost no ppl on the plane! There were around maybe 20 ppl on the plane when it can seat around 600 ppl! We (Me, my mom, and my sister) were sitting in ... oh, lala ... first class! But then for some reason something happened, I don't remember what it was, but it happened and we were like transported to a normal (?¿?Second class¿?¿) seat and we were sitting in the middle rows. My mom and sister were in the row in front of me and I was behind them. I dunno why we were sitting like this considering you can fit about five ppl in a row. And for some reason Erin and her mom were sitting behind us in the left section of the plane. I dunno why she was with her mom, but what ever! Then she came up to the row I was in and for some REALLY strange reason I was in my Boy Scouts uniform. If you know me, I loathe the Boy Scouts and THAT UNIFORM! But Erin came up and I scooted over and she sat next to me, and for some wierd beyond this worldly reason I started to show off and brag about my uniform ... :-O¡!¡ Then I woke up and that's a good thing or I would have gone crazy!!! God, showing off my uniform ... what in the hell made me do that¡¿ Well i g2g, ttyl¡!¡

05/18/03 - 05/19/03 Overnight

There were 4 pplz, me, and 3 other dudes from the movie Holes, LOL! And we were swimming in a Lake, hey wait a min, lol, I just got that, Camp Green Lake, and in my dream we were swimming in a Lake, lol! Well anyways, we were swimmng and there was this thing like a hiking trail, but you could swim it!? and me and 2 other guys swam over there and waited for the 1 other dude, and then he went onto the "trail" which BTW has like a STRONG current, and somehow we pulled him out, but then once we had pulled him out it was me and 3 girls!? WTF!? Sex change!? oh well, it was me and 3 gurls, then we swam over to the camp like area, and I woke up!

05/19/03 - 05/20/03 Overnight

There was an OLD guy lifting HEAVY wieghts on an old stage like those old circus type stage things and that was it, he just kept lifting wieghts then I woke up!

06/02/03 - 06/03/03 Overnight

We (my family and I) went and adopted 2 kids. One was around mabey 9 years old and I barely remember her (she only appered in this dream once!) and the other was , um I think in high school, and he was really cool. When we adopted them the guy came over 2 me and he wispered 2 me this "master" plan on how wew ere gonna stay up until midnight that night 2 celebrate! I guess he didn't know I normally go to bed @ 11:30PM neways! :-P I guess he thought that I wuz the stereotyped "good" person! The person that follows the rules all the time, always says plz & thank u, and goes to bed on their bed time which in my dream was about 8:00PM. So then we talked for a while, I dunno what we talked about though. Then the next part I was at "the pool" and it wasn't like the RB pool, or any pool I have been 2 B4. But no1 wuz in the pool and it wuz kinda dark. I was sitting on the cement floor next 2 Kristen and we were talking, the dude we adopted was over w/ his friends on the ground, talkin. Then this dust storm came, but it wuz like 3 diff small columns of wind that picked up orange dust. The columns were like 6 in. in diameter, so yes, that means 3 in. in radius. The columns were also rrrrreeeeeaaaaallllllllllyyyyy tall, as far as the eye could see! Well, one came close to me but swerved away, one didn't even come near me, and the other one went right on top of me, it felt cool, and it didn't hurt me, it barely movved me either. It moved me about 2 in. and it felt sooothing ... then I woke up!

Ok ... I do have some dreams that are a little/way innappropriate, or mabey I just don't want to post them online. Anyways e-mail me about them if you want to know abou them!

Ok I have posted some subjects to dreams I will NOT post on here below! But if you IM or e-mail me I'll tell you about them.

1.) Me ~n~ Britt

Dreams that I had but I will NEVER (That means don't ask me about them unless you famous ex: President, Hilary, or Hal!) talk about are posted below!

1.) A dream that had me and a fat girl from Carver (She moved now.)

2.) John - Rated "X" for extremely sexual and strange scenes.

3.) Kirk - Rated "R" For sexual and crude (¿What's crude mean?) humor.