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Here are my Day Dreams! WooHoo, these might make a little more sense than my dreams but they are also more innappropriate so there wont be a lot of them here! LOL! The reason they are innappropriate are because they are like my fantisies that I have when in awake ...

After moving here to Virginia for the fourth time! - I was always thinking about Britt ... in slow motion in fast motion ... you name it. I even dreamed of us being on the spinny thing at the carnival me on one side and she one the other while it moved in slow motion ....... oh yeah, I'm still here, just a few memories poped back. I would also think of her in slow motion doing her little dance thing in front of the spinny thing at the carnival. Wierd thing was we never went to the carnival together! Then I would always think in slow motion about walking by Britt when she was crying in the office in 7th grade ... well she cut herself and she got sent to the office after a teacher found ...

04/25/03 Laying in bed - I was trying to make myself cry for some strange and unknown reason, but so I was thinking about Hal dieing! I went from getting stabbed to getting hit by a train! Then I was like, "What the Hell!?" I haven't ever met Hal, how is this supposed to make me sad!? Then I just went to sleep, but that was a way wierd day dream!!!

Little known fact: I rarely ever have REAL day dreams, these are just things that I have thought about while I block everyone and everything around me out!

Day dreams that you DO NOT ask me about unless you are the person listed!!

1.) Hal Sparks
That's all for now ...