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OJ April 2003

Here are my entries for April, even though April 2003 has passed I will some how get through it ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Oh, well nvm, LOL, j/p!


Well, not much happened today ... besides that Dustin decided he likes to call me a BASTARD for no reason at all, but I'm ok with that, LOL!


Hey, it's 1:45 and I have to leave the house soon, but so far today I have gone to the YMCA and I passed the 3 week course and now I can use the machines! Yeah! Well my fav machines are the ones that work your biceps and/or triceps and the cardio machines like the Precor EFX! <That ones awesome!!!

Hey, it's 2:38 and I found out that I must really be in the mood for fitness today cause I have done 38 minutes of Cardio today and it's rare if I ever do Cardio!!!

Well, now it's 4:00 and were about to leave to go to my Gma's. We have to go help her pack. She's moving soon!!!


Hey, it's 8:30PM and I have just gotten back from my Gma's! This morning they woke me up at like 8:00AM! Too early for a Sunday! Then I had to help pack!  I hated it! Well anyways, yesterday when we had that damned three hour drive to my Gma's I just listened to my CD player on full volume! That's really odd cause i rarely ever listen to my CD player, but let alone on full volume! And I don't know how it happened but I fell asleep with my music on full blast! Then today I was supposed to be packing and I snuck down to the basement and listened to my CD on full volume and played my Gameboy SP. Then my mom came down and found me and I got in trouble!  Then I found out that when I went downstairs the second time and listened to my CD and played my Gameboy SP (it was around dinner time and I had gone out side to listen and play cause of before) my sister was looking for my and she went down to the basement twice so then she came upstairs and told my parents that I was definantley not downstairs! Then when I came up they told me she said that and I started cracking up! OMG it was sooo funny! Then after dinner I had to help my Gma get things down from the top of her cabinets and stuff! I found some books, One was "Stair Building" it was 1884! And they also had a book called "Hardwood Floor Finishing" it was  1892! Then on our l---o---n---g four hour drive home (three coming up and four going down cause of trafic, normally it only takes two hours!) we stopped at Wendy's and we got some food. I ended up getting butter (from dinner), mustard, ketchup, and a Frosty on my shirt. God I looked terrible! Then We got home. And BTW I listened to my CD on full volume the whole way home too!


Well not much happened today ... I went to school had lunch then came home, not much happened between then! Well my algebra teacher did have to tell me to be quiet around three times! LOL That was sooo funny!


Last night I couldn't sleep! I finally went to sleep at 2:00AM! After I finished watching a show that the public doesn't need to know about I watched Will & Grace. Then it was midnight, I channel surfed until I landed on HBO and Taxi Cab Confessions was on! I watched that for a while. Then I played my Gameboy Advance SP with Yoshi's Island in it. Then at 2:00AM I finally felt tired so I slept.


Last night I had trouble sleeping ... again. Then I opened my windows cause it was hotttttt in my room. Then I figured I could open my curtains and blinds along with my windows. Then I moved my pillows to the other end of the bed so I could look out the window! It was awesome!

Hey! I just downloaded DeadAIM! You should get it. When I am online look at my Info and there is a link to get DeadAIM on it!