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Here is a trubute to Futurama!!! WooHoo!!!

Characters  on Futurama:
Philip J. Fry
Turanga Leela
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth
Amy Wong
Dr. John Zoidberg
Hermes Conrad
Zapp Brannigan
Kif Kroker
Robot Mafia - Clamps - Joey Mouse Pad - Don Bot (Donny B.) - Blotto
Police Officer: Hes making a break for it
Fry: No No, I was just picking my nose
Police Officer: He's picking his nose, get 'em.
Fry: Ya know Bender with you sick and Leela blind only I know what really went on up thier. Maybe someday i'll tell you the whole story.
Bender: And maybe someday I won't listen.

Qubert: Since i'm going to be in charge here let me examine my crew ... Dr. Zoidberg, do you even have a medical degree?
Dr. Zoidberg: Um, I lost it, in a volcano.
Qubert: And Bender, what do we need a bending machine for?
Bender: Me no speaka de english.
Qubert: And whay do we have a captain with only one eye?
Leela: Hey!
Qubert: Let me introduce you to my new friend ... Depth Perception! HaHaHaˇ!ˇ
Professor Farnsworth had to make a successor to continue his work so he revealed that he had started a clone 10 years ago and then he revealed it. The clone was Qubert. Qubert wanted to examine his crew so therefore I put down the dialog, it's my favorite dialog in the whole show!
The engines on the planet express ship move the whole universe around while the ship stays in the same place.
Fry: Am I gonna drown?
Umbriel: Oh no, just relax and let the current sooth your every muscle.
Fry: AAAAHHHHH......
Umbriel: Did it just get colder?
Umbriel: This is a volcanic current. The water rushes out of here at over 4000 degrees!
Umbriel: Did it just get colder?
Fry kept pissing in the water and the temperature changed.
There is a lost city ATLANTA. It was Atlanta, Georga before the island got over populated and it sank.

Ohh, the SEXETERIA!!!

A Tribute to Futurama!!!