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OJ July 2003

Here are my OJ entries for July.


NM happened 2day but dunt I say dat everyday!? Well, we did have a Swim Meet, or 1/3 of 1! LOLZ. I didnt dew nutin 2day, well, my Gma an Gpa S. were here. Den we went 2 da swim meet [me, my sis, an my dad]. Afta we got through Relays an Freestyle, it started 2 pour an dey re-scheduled da meet till 2mmarroe but we not gonna B heer 2mmarroe, LOLZ! Welps I wuz awake den Gma an Gpa T. came 2 da house. Welps, I g2g, byez!


Stuffz happened 2day! I had 2 wake ^ @ earlie 2 go 2 get in da car an drive 2 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina¡!¡ We drove ^ der den stopped @ Craka Barral ½ way 2 M. Beach, SC! I got shrimp w/ fries, fried apples, an mac an cheese. Den we went 2 da Craka Barral store an got [ME] Rubix Cube, 5 sugar stixs thingys [Banana, Sour Apple, Tutti Fruti, Bubble Gum, an ???], [SIS] 1 of dos Harry Wolly tings, an Pixy Stix, [Gma & Gpa] 2 of dos stix thingys. Den we gots in da car an drove moore! Wee drove till we got 2 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Den we went 2 find da hotel Ocean Reef an we got there, then put our stuff in our temporary room [1109]! We switch 2 a condo 2marroe, 2day we jus in a hotel room. Welps, den we went an played in da pool, den ate dinna an went 2 bed!


My parentz an uncle m, aunt d, jake, an summa came 2day, nm happened, we lazied around in da pool an at da beach aaaaallllllllll day! Welps, dats da summary, lolz!


HAPPIE 4TH O JULY! Dis morning an durin da day we jus stayed around da hotel place, swam in da pool(s) an @ da beach. We ate pizza fo dinna, it took like 2 & ½ hrs. to get our pizza, it wuz horrible! Welps, den it got dark an my mom got out da glowie stix tingz, I hate my sis I an evry1 else got 1 glowie stik but she got 3! Not 2, but 3! DAMN HER!? Den we went outside 2 look @ da fireworks, der were sum hott ppl settin da fireworks off ooooooo eyecandy, enough 2 take ur eyes off of da fireworks, lol, I missed a lot of the good ones while fantasizing, but oh well. I luved da 1s dat were small, but made a huge noise no, not da eye candy, da fireworks, duh! BUT NEWAYS, imma stop typin now cause I dun wanna, bye!